The History Behind Our Company

Logismico is the Greek word for software (Λογισμικό).

Our company started back in 2010 when freelancing became more popular and corporations started outsourcing digital projects.

Our founder started solo freelancing and through the years built a team abroad to serve his clients and offer cost-effective development. Over the years, that team grew as his list of clients.

After ten years we have our core team of project managers and designers in New York and we recruit senior offshore/nearshore resources for development. Being a remote company allows us to scale to cover our client’s needs and lower our rates.

We don’t have a marketing department, and we don’t spend thousands of dollars on advertising.

Our business model is :
– Do the job right and people will spread the word.

We don’t have clients; we have partners.

The Right People In The Right Jobs

We won’t fill a page with photos and names that mean nothing to you. You’ll meet us when you’ll work with us.

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