Sample Portfolio

TeamTracky (featured product)

Get your sports team Organized. Communicate Better.

TeamTracky helps with management of your team's members, schedule, attendance and communications with an all-in-one, user-friendly solution on desktop and mobile devices.

  • Members
  • Schedule
  • Attendance
  • Notifications
  • Mobile Apps
  • Documents

NYC Board of Elections Site

Official site of the Board of Elections in the City of New York.

Built with Drupal on the Acquia Cloud.

Over 3,000,000 monthly page views.

Website redesign

Built the new AirGas refrigerants website in a responsive design.
Drupal 7 with custom dasboard.

Website redesign

Built the new MCU website in a responsive design.

Features include a ATM/Branches Mapping tool and API.

Vanguard Promo Site

E-commerce site for a marketing and promotion company.

Featuring an online product catalog, ordering and integration with SAGE backend systems.

NYC Department of Finance Commercial Exemptions – Property Tax Exemptions Renewal Forms

Developed the Property Tax Exemption Annual Renewal online application system.
Applicants are able to submit their renewal application through a user friendly interface – minimizing and potentially ending the paper submission process.

Over 20,000 submitted applications.

NYC Administration for Children’s Services

Tracking Closed Case Files in Borough Offices Pilot

Implement a pilot project to provide a hosted, live, on-line content repository for a segment of case-related documents that are currently only available in paper form.
Thousands of ACS paper case files will be converted to a digital format.

NYC Administration for Children’s Services

Bridges to Health Case File Management System

Another project to manage documents in paper form and covert to digital.
Thousands of ACS paper case files will be converted to a digital format and allow ACS staff to search cases and view content online.

Educational Records Bureau (ERB)

WrAP/WPP Purchase Form

Commercial part of the ERB site.
System is built to access APIs from SalesForce, Intacct, Avarala and Paypal, view/update school information and submit order into accounting system.

Educational Records Bureau (ERB)

Website Redesign

Built the new ERB site in Drupal offering a comprehensive dashboard allowing ERB admins and editors to manage any content in the site using an advanced set of tools without the need of any knowledge of HTML or we programming.


Thanksgiving Parade Management System

Complete system to help Macy’s Events department to manage registrants and applications for their yearly Thanksgiving parade.
Public facing web application for registrants and complete administrative control panel.
Over 5,000 registrants.

NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation

HHC Web Site

Created the new HHC web site in TeamSite..


Samsung Mobile App Academy

During the summer of 2013, Samsung Mobile hosted App Academies in six cities for select high school students interested in STEM. The Academies provided a remarkable opportunity for students to work with industry leaders and learn about the world of mobile app conceptualizing.

The Actuarial Foundation

Data Displayer & Math Tool

Interactive data analysis classroom tool designed to supplement the Cultivating Data math program.
Multiple live data grids, graphs and mathematical formulas.

The Actuarial Foundation

Data Sampling Displayer

The Data Sampling Displayer is an interactive tool that illustrates how representative samples help solve real-world problems. Using the fictional town of Statsboro, the tool also demonstrates how results can become inaccurate when a sample is not representative of the population as a whole. The town may be imaginary, but the math is real!

District 3 Magnet Schools

Web Site

Created the new District 3 magnet Schools web site.

West Prep Academy Site

NYC Stuff Exchange

NYC Stuff Exchange Mobile Site

Created the new NYC Stuff Exchange mobile site.

NYC Poison Control Center

NYC Poison Control Center Mobile Site

Created the new NYC Poison Control Center mobile site in 6 languages.

LumberMate is another Logismico's Featured Product

Complete Business Management and Accounting System

  • Supports over 20 POS workstations, thousands of monthly transanctions
  • Client Management
  • Sales Orders
  • Counter Sales
  • Sales Quotes
  • Inventory Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Purchase Orders
  • Over 60 Business Reports


Created the new PromptDirect web site.

Tameo - Store Transaction Recording System

Over 30 Restaurant Locations


  • Cash Register Transactions Recording
  • Record total sales from registers and credit card batches
  • Register Reconciliation
  • Record Shift Closing Transactions
  • Real-Time reports for main office
  • Over 20 Business Reports

Thomas Global Register

Multilingual Search Engine


  • 10 Languages: English US & UK, Dutch, French, Spanish Spain and Mexico, Italian, Netherlands, Portuguese and Chinese
  • Product Name & Company Search
  • Custom search and sorting algorithm
  • Industrial Manufacturers Directory
  • Industrial Product Classifications
  • Product Catalogs

Wireless Warning

Following the events of 9/11 Spector & Associates developed a text message-based early notification system called Wireless Warning, which uses the SMS band to transmit alerts within a defined area during emergencies.


  • Allow users to create custom profiles to receive emergency warnings
  • Broadcast emergency SMS messages to users based on profile, zip code and evacuation routes
  • Messages distributed nationwide, to local and regional Offices of Emergency Management (OEM)
  • Wireless Warning provides dynamic, actionable instructions from a reliable information source to those affected and on the move


Horse Racing Predictions System


  • Subscription based system for horse handicappers
  • Custom algorithm calculating winner horses by encoding and decoding the data from incremental pace fractions and time splits from the past performances for each horse
  • THE NUMBERS (Horse Racing Picks) are calculated by breaking down the total speed spectrum
  • Integration with external handicapping systems